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Resolve Physio and Wellness in Edmonton is pleased to offer women’s pelvic health physiotherapy provided by experienced physiotherapists.  The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that serves several important functions:

  • Maintaining continence of the bladder and bowel
  • Allowing sexual function and pleasure
  • Providing support to internal organs which enables the bladder, uterus, and intestines to stay in the abdominal cavity where they belong
  • Providing support to other muscle groups including the lower back
  • Circulating the blood and other body fluids from the legs back to the trunk and heart

Pelvic dysfunction is very common among women, yet many are unaware or reluctant to seek help for it.  You do not need to continue to live with pain and dysfunction. Pelvic health physiotherapy can help treat many forms of pelvic dysfunction including:

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles which can cause genitor-urinary dysfunction
  • Hypertonic (tight) pelvic floor muscles (which can lead to urge incontinence, discomfort during intercourse, and chronic pelvic and back pain
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The uterus, bladder, and/or rectum, sit lower in the pelvic cavity than they should causing discomfort/pain, incontinence, constipation, or other issues
  • Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction: Generic term for any pain in the pelvic area. Pregnancy, labour, tone in the pelvic muscles, hypersensitivity, pain with intercourse, are but a few examples of pelvic dysfunction.
  • Stress incontinence (urinary leakage associated with exertion including coughing, laughing, sneezing). If you’re more than 6 weeks post-delivery, and you are experiencing stress incontinence, this is not normal)
  • Many types of pelvic pain and dysfunction associated with pregnancy, labour, pelvic muscle weakness and trauma etc.

We also offer pre- and post-natal training.  Pregnancy is an optimal time to gain awareness about treating and preventing pelvic floor dysfunction before and after labour. Pelvic floor dysfunction is common in expectant mothers and those in various stages of postpartum. However, treatment is available to help you regain control, maximize function, aid in recovery, and improve your overall health.

Pelvic health physiotherapy is conducted in a one on one setting in a private room. The initial appointment typically takes 45-60 minutes.  If you just had a baby congratulations! If you can’t find child care to attend your appointment no worries, we are a child friendly clinic. 

At your initial appointment, a physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive physical exam and discuss your treatment goals.  Once a diagnosis is made, we will help you understand the reasons for your dysfunction so you can become empowered to get better.  We will then discuss a plan of care.  Our physiotherapists are also happy to coordinate care with your MD, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Doula or whomever if required. Pelvic health physiotherapy treatments can include:

  • Manual Therapy to the back, abdomen and pelvis
  • Biofeedback to teach you how to contract and relax your pelvic floor (kegals)
  • The use of a bladder diary and various exercises to improve function
  • Acupuncture or functional dry needling

If you have further questions about pelvic health, contact our pelvic health physiotherapist Kristen at


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